Kelly S  5.0 star rating7/14/2011

What up first to review! Now that the gloating is over, let's talk skin care.

I don't know what it is about Persian women with their big dark eyes and cool hands but I feel like they've got something mystical happening. It makes me want to beg them for the secrets they're hiding with their middle eastern genetic memory. I'm starting to carry the equivalent of samsonite under my eyes. I gotta do somethin about these "life lines" that are appearing on my face - So like all good price chasers, I turned to a revshare deal and got an incredible deal for a microdermabrasian facial.

Long story short, there I was, stripped to my skivvies and a towel thing, laying on a comfortable bed apparatus with these magic hands moving over my face in some kind of indescribable roiling pattern. At one point I felt like there were multiple people, various hands, my face was being massaged and patted and cleansed and roiled some more with hot towels and steam and aromatherapy and the wind pipes in the background. It was like that scene in zoolander -- but no midgets.

And then came the microderma tool. And holy shit it hurt. I mean, not "oh someone knifed me" hurt but "really, i'm scraping off a layer of your skin" hurt. We talked a little about it through my gritted teeth and Sohayla said the equivalent of "this is the way it works best" and "suck it up." And so I did. This is like face boot camp and I loved it -- after I got over the shock of what she calls "an angry cat licking your face." Then there's some kind of calming cream maybe? And an arm massage. And then perhaps another round of moisturizing. All organic and natural btw. Anyway, I was so high on endorphins from the face scrub and relaxation at that point it really didn't matter.

This is what I'll tell you: I've had one facial ever. It was fine. Gentle with extractions and whatever. This was a completely different experience. This woman is able to embrace the sensuality of getting a facial with the massages and the candles and cool creams while at the same time going through the process in a manner I can only describe as highly efficient. And I guess that's what comes with 14 years in the biz and a little Persian mystery thrown in

Susan E Round Rock, TX5.0 star rating 9/30/2011

I have been a client of Sohayla's for nearly 12 years.  I found her quite by accident when she was doing waxing at a salon where I got my hair done.  Since then I have followed her thru several location changes, because quite simply there is noone better at skin care services.  Her waxing and threading are a work of art - she is so precise and really takes the time to make sure every hair is either gone or in it's place!  Her facials are amazing, relaxing and rejuvenating.  

That alone would be enough, but add to this the fact that she is warm, funny and friendly with very reasonable prices, and there is absolutely no reason I'd ever go to anyone else!!

Fayruz Round Rock, TX 9/16/2011

It is such a joy to write this review and I'm speaking for my skin and for me personally.  Thanks to a friend who gifted me a facial with Sohayla almost 10 years ago, I've never stopped going to her.  She is meticulous and giving beyond any aesthetician I've ever tried (and I've tried several, but can't bring myself to want to go anywhere else).  She has been providing not only incredible facials for me over the years (I see her every 4-6 weeks for eyebrow wax and a facial), but also for the heavenly products that she carries.  They are the best, by far.  I know that my skin is vibrant because of the facials she gives AND the way she has taught me to take care of it.  I'm a cancer survivor, wife, mom, career woman and in my twenties used Accutane...despite all this and the everyday stressors in life, I have skin that is in great shape.  Thank you Sohayla!  You're the best :)

Nancy R. Austin, Tx 8/18/2011

I have been coming to see Sohayla for over 7 years now and I will admit, I simply adore her!  She has an amazing presence and is by far the BEST I have ever come across at doing waxing, threading and facials!  I am constantly getting complements on my skin and eyebrows and it is all thanks to Sohayla.  I can't recommend her enough!





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